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Lynne Lancaster


helping you bridge 

generation gaps in the workplace

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Speaking Topics  

Bridging Generation Gaps at Work 

Recruiting in a Tight Market

Get to Know Gen Z 
Leading Every Generation
Communicating Across Generations
Retaining and Motivating Milennials
Managing Generation in Turbulent Times
Marketing and Selling to Every Generation

Meet Lynne 

Speaker     Generational Expert      Author 

Lynne Lancaster is one of today’s most sought-after generational experts and keynote speakers. She knows what makes Traditionalists, Boomers, Generation Xers, Millennials, and Gen Z tick, and she brings her original research, insights, humor, and practical tips to audiences eager to solve the generational puzzle.   


Lynne’s entertaining style and deep expertise take listeners to a whole new level, whether they are struggling to recruit and retain generations in the workforce, seeking to connect with them in the marketplace, or just trying to live and work with them. 

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Lynne is co-author of the best-selling books

When Generations Collide and The M-Factor: How the Millennial Generation Is Rocking the Workplace

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Who is Lynne Lancaster?

Who is Lynne Lancaster?

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"Lynne Lancaster worked with our Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Executive Council to expertly craft a virtual  presentation on Generational Differences in the Workplace. She navigated the nuances of working with different  generations, and the value we each bring to the workplace, all while captivating a virtual audience. The engagement  via chat, polling questions and the Q&A forum were amazing. Lynne surpassed our expectations! "

- Anna Patel - Senior Communications Specialist

"Lynne was a delight to work with and we appreciate all the time and effort she took to craft a presentation that both  matched the theme of our conference, and met all of our objectives. We look forward to working with her again!"

- Cindy Carris - Travel, Meetings & Events Manager  Paychex

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"Thank you for serving as a Speaker for the Deputy Director for Management (DDM) Seminar Series.  Your presentation, “What a Difference a Generation Makes” was timely and thought-provoking and provided the  audience with pragmatic approaches for communicating and collaborating with multiple generations in the  workplace. Your presentation was engaging and meaningful." 

- Alfred C. Johnson, Ph.D. - Deputy Director for Management  National Institutes of Health

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Bridging the Generation Gaps at Work

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