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The M-Factor 

How the millennial generation is rocking the workplace.

Lynne C. Lancaster and David Stillman

From Lynne Lancaster and David Stillman, the nationally recognized generational experts and authors of When Generations Collide, comes the definitive guide to Millennials (those born between 1982 and 2000) in the workplace—what they want, how they think, and how to unlock their talents to your organization’s advantage. Observant, humorous, and savvy, this book offers valuable

insights and practical, take-action tips and solutions for getting to know the Millennials and bridging generation gaps. 


When Generations Collide 

Who they are. Why they clash. How to solve the

generational puzzle at work.   

Lynne C. Lancaster and David Stillman

If your workplace feels like a battle zone and colleagues sometimes act like adversaries, you ore not alone. Today four generations glare at one another across the conference table, and the potential for conflict and confusion has never been greater.

  • Traditionalist employees with their "heads down, onward and upward" attitude live out a work ethic shaped during the Great Depression.

  • Eighty million Baby Boomers vacillate between their overwhelming need to succeed and their growing desire to slow down and enjoy life.

  • Generation Xers try to prove themselves constantly yet dislike the image of being overly ambitious, disrespectful, and irreverent.

  • Millennials, new to the workforce, mix savvy with social conscience and promise to further change the business landscape.


This insightful book provides hands-on methods to close the generation gaps. With effective tools to recruit, retain, motivate, and manage each generation, you can now create teamwork, not war, in today's high performance workplace . . . where at any age, productivity is what counts.

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