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The Baby Boomers' Next Chapter -

Evolution or Revolution?

 Lynne Lancaster charts the course of the Baby Boom generation as they age, lead, consume, and transform. Whether it’s a gradual evolution or a full-on revolution, this generation is changing the workplace and marketplace with their sheer numbers and ability to reinvent on their feet. We’ve all heard about the longer “on-ramp” to adulthood experienced by Millennials. But no one is talking about the longer “off- ramp” Baby Boomers desire. Whether you are marketing to this diverse generation or managing them you’ll benefit from understanding:

  • How Baby Boomers are reinventing this phase of life

  • What are workplace and marketplace trends we can expect to see?

  •  What will it take to retain and engaged seasoned, valuable employees

  • How can we connect with this dynamic generation more effectively?

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